You will not find a more talented, compassionate, and dedicated lawyer. I found myself falsely charged with a serious criminal offense. A conviction would have been devastating and due to my profession the plea offer presented by the district attorney’s office would have ended my career. Paola Armeni recognized that this was not an option and she walked me through this very difficult process. She was relentless in fighting for me to clear my name. She demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the law and showed great skill in dealing with the district attorney’s office. She ultimately resolved my case without needing to go to trial. I am truly grateful to have found Mrs. Armeni and hiring her was the best decision I could have made. In addition, she demonstrated a great deal of compassion for what I was going through and was willing to communicate with me on a regular basis. You will never regret hiring this lawyer.

A Real Professional. Hard working, honest, ethical, kind and caring! But don’t be mistaken – Ms. Paola is one tough adversary – NOT afraid to take on the establishment when they are wrong! Handled our Civil Rights case that was drawn out by the defendants. She not only prevailed at a jury trial, but twice at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. A real professional. Through her hard work and dedication we ended up with most favorable results.