Las Vegas Powerhouse Attorneys Join Forces

October 31, 2017

Dominic Gentile, Michael Cristalli, Ross Miller, Paola Armeni and Vince Savarese. These are the five attorneys who recently joined forces to create Gentile Cristalli Miller Armeni Savarese, or “GCMAS” for less of a mouthful. We sat down with the lawyers to get more insight into the firm.

What is the goal of GCMAS?
Together, GCMAS has decades of trial experience. Their aim in forming the firm was to utilize that experience to drive justice and accountability. The partners at GCMAS are all dedicated to taking cases all the way through to trial, if necessary, and ensuring maximum compensation for their clients. The partners have a fantastic track record with a multitude of multi-million dollar judgments. Some recent cases include:

  • George Wallace v. Bellagio – Jury verdict: $1,308,500.
  • Charles Barnard v. LVMPD, et., al – Jury verdict: $2,111,656.52.
  • Brett Alexander v. Brett Mauren – Jury verdict: $620,000.

What sets GCMAS apart?
“As the legal profession continues to become more saturated the number of attorneys with real trial experience continues to dwindle. A lack of trial experience becomes a problem for those seeking justice. If your attorney does not have the experience and fortitude to take a case through to trial, you risk the outcome of the case.” – Dominic Gentile

What sets GCMAS apart is that the partners have a multitude of real trial experience and they are not afraid to take a case to trial if the means justify the ends. Secondly, GCMAS is committed to Honesty, Integrity and Justice for All. We know it sounds cliché, but after speaking with the partners and some of their recent clients, we found this dedication rings true.

“Lawyers are often portrayed as greedy professionals who will squeeze you for every penny you have. That is not our goal. We want our clients to be confident that everything we do is for the good of the case.” -Paola Armeni

We talked to one GCMAS client who had a complicated case. After inheriting the case from a previous attorney, GCMAS was writing an appeal for the client based on grounds that would likely return favorable outcome for the client. Following weeks of research on the strategy the previous attorney planned to use, and several hours of drafting documents, the partners realized the plan was flawed. Upon this realization, the partners met with the client and informed her that the appeal would not work and offered to waive all fees. This story was amazing to hear, as we do not know many attorneys who would offer to waive the fee for those magic words, “billable hours,” do you?

Decades of trial experience, a fantastic track record of winning cases and a foundation of honesty. GCMAS sounds like the whole package to us.